Client: Idaho State Historical Society
Project: Book Design & Production

We are proud to have been chosen to design and produce Numbered: Inside Idaho’s Prison for Women, 1887-1968, a 144-page book that looks at the lives and crimes of the 216 women who were incarcerated in the Idaho State Penitentiary. Read news article.

Client Comments

“Guy/Rome is our go-to designer for artistic branding and publications that people treasure and buy. There is no better team in the Boise valley. None more talented, more patient or cost-effective. Their strong imagery speaks for itself.”

Todd Shallat, Ph.D.

Former editor-in-chief of Boise State University Publications; lead author of Numbered: Inside Idaho’s Prison for Women, 1887-1968

ISHS publication
ISHS book

Client: Boise State University
Project: Investigate Boise Community Research Series of Books

Boise State’s School of Public Service partnered with Guy/Rome to produce a series of books. Each book in The Investigate Boise Community Research Series is comprised of essays that were researched and written by students in the Urban Studies and Community Development Program. We first redesigned the overall book format so that each would have a consistent look. We then applied the design, created unique covers, and produced artwork for three books. In that process we worked closely with the editor and assistant editor, researched images, coordinated content and managed printing.

BSU publication
BSU book

Client: United Way of Treasure Valley
Project: Community Needs Assessment

The 72-page assessment, conducted every three years, focuses on issues related to health, education and financial stability — the three building blocks of stable life for children, individuals and families across Ada, Canyon and Gem counties. The United Way of Treasure Valley Community Needs Assessment is a collaborative effort with the Utah Foundation to collect key data through interviews, focus groups, and surveys. Additional data was also collected from available sources, such as the Idaho State Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, among others. The Community Assessment was powered by Trinity Health’s Transforming Communities Initiative grant, and financial partners included Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, St. Luke’s Health System, Delta Dental of Idaho, and Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children.

We designed, produced, coordinated, printed and delivered this project in less than four weeks.

United Way publication
United Way Assessment